Monday, June 27, 2011

Juicing and Cleansing

Lately many of my clients have been asking about juicing and cleansing diets. I always tell them juice diets or fasts are good for the short term but they don't work for weight loss. A "fast" is fast; a quick way to drop some pounds, give your body a rest from too much sugar, salt, refined grains, and bad fats, and help transition you to healthier eating.

Long term, sustainable weight loss requires slow changes that last. But, as we all know, change is hard. So one good way to start the process of healthier eating is to do a three day juice fast or cleanse. Drinking juice infuses your body with a powerful punch of nutrients that can help revitalize you and get you unhooked from all those addictive fatty, sugary foods. Plus it gives you a vacation from, "what am I going to eat."

I have layed out a three day plan in my new ebook, GoBeFull Juice Diet and Cleanse. Download the ebook from and see what you think.